Friday, April 03, 2015


Instead of putting on fly masks everyone at once, we're putting them on as needed.  So far about half of them are wearing masks, mostly because of gnats not flies.  Usually gnats aren't a problem, but they sure are prevalent right now. 

I'm getting into the summer doctoring mode unfortunately.  Cisco's sheath and Rosie's belly are my primary objectives.  Not sure what Rosie's belly problem is.  She ends up with swelling in 2 or 3 places and open scabby places too.  And it seems to be an ongoing problem thru out the summer.  It's some type of ventral edema, I just don't know what causes it.  I've given her Tucoprim in the past and it seems to help, but as soon as I quit giving it, here comes the edema and open gooey scabby areas. 

I am pleased with Boaz so far.  His scarred knee is closed and staying that way, although it does have a crusty scab about the size of a dime on it.  I think that is caused by him laying down and the edge of the bone being so close to the surface.  At least if it is closed and dry, it shouldn't be that interesting to the flies.  

Just had to stop, someone knocked on the door.  It was Vic and Lara.  They were our neighbors a couple of years ago, lived just north of us.  Vic use to come over a couple of days a week and pick up poo, just because.  They moved to Colorado to be close to family and then the family went off doing their thing.  So they came back to this area and had been renting a place down by St. David.  Guess they got in touch with the owners of where they lived before and will be moving in as soon as possible.  They were good neighbors, glad to have them back.  The owner had talked about putting in a gate, so the donkeys could go over and keep the weeds in control.  That would give the donkeys 10 more acres of wandering space, plus brush to chew on.  We'll see if it happens or not. 

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