Sunday, April 19, 2015

GOOD NEWS............!!!

I got my computer back and he didn't have to re-format I didn't have to reload everything, and try to figure out where everything was...........YIPPEE.....!!!  I'm still trying to catch up from being without a computer for 3 or 4 days.  I"m not sure what it is I do, but there does seems to be a lot of it to catch up on.........!!!!  

Yesterday we took Wister and Ruger out to Kartchner Caverns as planned for a day of being available for petting and hugging.  I was very proud of them, first of all, they hopped in the trailer like veterans, even though they had just been dragged away from their morning hay.  When John and Doug got them out there, they had to be tied to the trailer, while the pen was set up.  John said they wiggled a little, but mostly because they were gawking and  looking around. 

They did great, until late afternoon.  They had been in the little pen all day and the parade of “admirers”  had slowed down and they were full of timothy pellets.  So full in fact, we had to stop people from feeding them pellets, Wister was so full he refused to eat anymore.  For a young donkey that is definitely not normal behavior.  Since there wasn't anything else to do, they started trying to play fight in a 12x12 pen.  But other than that, they were perfect gentlemen.  Little kids with tiny hands and fingers fed them pellets all day and not one accident, one little boy was only 2 years old.

We hurried home, changed from donkey rescue to racing clothes and headed for the track.  Doug and Amy fed for us, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten there before the races started.  John was pitting for friend that runs a Pro-stock, I just went along, so I wouldn't miss anything.  

Didn't get home until about 2am.  Needless to say today isn't very dynamic for either of us.  We mostly just try to stay awake until bedtime..........!!!   LOL

John has been busy tweeking this and changing that on my car for the next race the 2nd of May. I don't think they are going to have a practice, so I probably won't get a chance to try all these new ideas he and everyone else has.  He says it's ready to go except we have to go to Tucson this week to get a tire to replace the one I wore down to the steel belts in 17 laps.  We're going to try a harder compound, the softer tires grip the track better, but if they won't last 25 laps, I'll have to give up grip for longevity.

Everyday there are more flies.  Tomorrow I'll put out one of my stable fly traps.  Stable flies will not go to the normal fly trap bags.  They feed on protein and like to feed close to the ground, which is why they spend so much time on legs below the knee.   I'm hoping if I start catching them this early, maybe they won't be so bad.  I do have Quilla's legs covered already, his bare legs are just too tempting.

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