Monday, April 27, 2015

NOT MUCH GOING ON........THE WAY I LIKE IT..........!!

Having Doug here to help with chores and Amy and Joseph her son to clean the pens, sure makes life easy, except for the doctoring, which seems to fall on my shoulders.  That's probably because I don't mind doing it, just wish there wasn't a need for it. Last week Boaz had a habronema larvae infestation on his lip in the same place he had problems last year.  They can go dormant and winter over from what I've read.  The flies aren't very bad yet, so that is probably what happened. But the flies that are out, sure were interested in the area, which is what caught my eye.  I wormed him and covered the area 2 or 3 times with invermectin wormer, squeezed the dead little body out and it healed in a couple of days. 

Already having to look for masks, so far Doug has been able to find them quickly.  It isn't always that easy as he will probably find out as time goes by......!!! LOL

Some dear friends on going on an adventure later on this week.  Mike Benjamin was approached months ago for a historical project.  The city of Springfield, Illinois is celebrating the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's death.  The original hearse that carried his body, was lost in a fire in the 1880's,  I  think.  They wanted to recreate the hearse, I'm not sure of all the details, but know Mike was asked to do the upholstery.  Some of the people came from California to Tombstone to work on the gold leaf.  Mike isn't in good health and for awhile, he didn't know if he'd get it done, (anyone that knows Mike knows that wasn't going to happen) and also didn't know if he would be able to go to the big "doins" in Springfield.  But just found out this morning that both he and Teresa will be accompanying the hearse when it leaves this Wednesday from Tombstone headed for Springfield to be honored guests. 

 This is Mike in his undertaker outfit, measuring Teresa to see if she will fit....!!! 

I hope they have a wonderful time, and get to soak up all the accolades I know will be given.  The hearse turned out beautifully and the upholstery job Mike did was absolutely gorgeous.

 They will adding ostrich plumes once it gets there.  I think Teresa said just the plumes cost $1200.......!!!  The costs were covered by private donations and the hearse will go into the Lincoln museum there.  

Forgot to mention, one of Amy's friends is loaning us her portable corral to use for the kissing booth.  Thank goodness, that little detail had been keeping me awake at night...........LOL


ellie k said...

The lady looks like Granny Clampet.

Tish said...

I think Teresa works to look like Granny Clampet.