Monday, April 06, 2015

 Mike Robertson, John, Lynn, Dr. Debra and Cheyenne, chowing down on "real" grass....!!

This is a picture from when we took the girls in for "dental" day.  Mike Robertson owns the local sale barn, and lets Dr. Debra work there when she comes to Benson once a month.  That works out well for her, she doesn't have to drive all over the county, her patients have to come to her.  

Mike is a very special person, I don't think I've ever met anyone that is as amiable as he is.  Considering he runs a sale barn, which means he is in contact with lots of people on a regular basis and has been for a long time, it's amazing how kind and generous he is.  He's the one that wrote a book of short stories taken from his life, called what else............Cowboy Stories. 

I can't say either of the girls were little angels, in fact they both got happy shots, because of bad uncooperative behavior.  There isn't a lot of room in their mouths anyway, and Lynn insisted on chowing down on Dr. Debra's arm.  Cheyenne was just bratty.  Lynn's mouth was pretty good considering she has a lot more teeth than she has room in there.  One of the problems with breeding for down sizing, the teeth didn't get the memo.  Cheyenne has problems chewing, and has had for a couple of years, so she gets mush and a little hay to play with.  We found out she is using the hay to pack into her cheeks to protect from her teeth.  Her lowers aren't lined up as they should be for side to side chewing and the uppers have worn in such a way that they are long on the outside of the lowers, so long in fact that she can't chew sideways like they normally do.  If Dr. Debra had taken off enough of the uppers, so she could chew sideways, she wouldn't have much tooth left.  So she took off the sharp points and a little of the length on the lowers, so they wouldn't continue cutting into the roof of her mouth.  

Today we went into Dr. Nancy's to make an appointment to get the neighbor's dog body clipped.  Boofer is some type of long haired cattle dog.  Last fall he managed to get completely covered with stick tights, which with the long hair makes for a tangled mess.  He is basically feral, he will let you pet him, but if you have anything in your hands like scissors or make any move other than one hand to pet, he's gone in a flash.  So this isn't going to be easy.  They loaned me a rabies noose and gave me some sedative to be given in a muscle.  Our plan is............he is deathly afraid of gun shots, whenever he hears them, he finds John and becomes his shadow.  We will first try to get him in the garage, get the noose on him and stuff him in a crate.  If that doesn't work, we'll have Doug shoot off a gun outside the garage, which usually turns him into a puddle.  Our appointment to get him clipped at the vet depends on if we can get him in a crate or not.  Once he's in the crate, they can gas him at the clinic.  If we can't get him in the crate, we'll have to figure out something else.  He is so matted, I'm sure he's got sores, doesn't stop him from running all over the place like he belongs here.  I'm going to take my big Stewart clippers, in case they want to use them, instead of ruining their clippers.  I'm sure there is a little bit of everything in those mats, including rocks........!!! 

As of this morning everyone has fly masks on.......!!!!

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