Friday, April 10, 2015

I HATE REFORMATTING............!!!!

But it looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get it done, whether I like it or not.......!!  I have all the protection programs, but stuff still sneaks in and causes all sorts of problems...........soooooo...........!!!  Got in touch with Jared, my computer guru, and he will be in charge of my computer for the next few days.  Since it's a week-end, I probably won't be back in service until next week sometime........!!!  

Do have some good news, we saw Snooky, the cat on the backyard wall last night.  He got out about a week ago, and we hadn't seen him since the 1st day and were afraid a coyote got him.  But there he was happy as a clam.  We tried to get him back in the house and he wasn't having anything to do with us.  If we opened a door or talked to him, he'd jumped down and take off.  He has always been spooky and not very friendly.  John is all upset, but I told him, Snooky seems to have made a decision for himself that he wants to be a wild cat.  Maybe later on he will let us be part of his life, but it seems right now he's afraid we'll drag him back in the house.  Julius his full brother is out there too, but they don't seem to be hanging together at all.  Good thing it wasn't their half brother Sunny, he is such a whiney, clingy soul, I don't think he'd make it outside and would probably run you down trying to get back in the house.  I'm surprised Snooky isn't missing his 8pm ice cream, maybe he is, just not enough to give up his freedom.

The donkeys are doing good, although I am treating some skin problems and trying to get Gus back to walking good.  I think the trip back from the Phoenix area last month upset the delicate balance on his horrible front feet.  I've tried different meds and about the only thing that seems to help is bute, which I don't like to give long term.  Courtney is going to try to come out next week and put the glue/epoxy stuff on his soles.  It gives him support the coffin bone just can't give because of shifting and demineralizing.  When she did it before it really made a difference, so we'll keep our fingers crossed. 

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