Saturday, January 31, 2015


Well it has rained almost constantly for 2 days and no end in sight.  I keep telling myself we need the rain having been in drought conditions for 10 years more or less.  

The donkeys are wet and grumpy, not hungry, although I would think they would be, to try to keep warm.  I think they blame us for the weather.  Believe me I'm not anymore thrilled about it than they are.  I do know not to try to touch them, wet donkeys are not happy when touched.

I'm glad Pepper is not having to contend with the weather, it would be almost impossible to keep him dry and comfortable, and he would still try to follow his usual routine.  Judging from what my "bones" feel like, he would be miserable I'm afraid.  Maybe things do happen for a reason, who knows?  

We were suppose to go out to the pavement track this afternoon to practice, but that isn't going to happen.  A little bit of moisture on pavement and you are going to go someplace you don't want to be, doing something you don't want to do, like survive a spin, hopefully without hitting anything.  Or there is always the dreaded wall, to squash against.  That can really tear up your car, so you REALLY don't want to do that......!!!  

In the pits last week-end

The 1st race of the season called the Chilly Willy runs next week-end.  I will be in the Phoenix area, so won't make the show.  But they are having a couple more practices this week, I will get to one of those, to get a little more practice.  Our next race won't be until the 28th of Feb, and they have quite a few practices between now and then.  I will try to make all of them, I need all the experience I can get.  I don't want to go out there and be a nuisance and I'm sure the drivers that know what they are doing, don't want that either.....!!! LOL 

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