Thursday, January 29, 2015


We took Quilla and Gus up to Gus' home north of Phoenix yesterday for a visit.  Gus can't be on grass and Claire has irrigated pasture, not much, but enough it would send him over the laminitis edge in a heartbeat.  So when the grass starts coming in, with the spring, we will go up and bring them back down here to Longears Camp.  I told Claire we were bringing them dirty, just like kids returning from camp and I wasn't lying, they both are filthy.  Might not be by now, Claire run a pretty organized operation, they might already be clean and fluffy, much to their disgust........!!!!  Donkeys love to be dusty and dirty, I've had people pet them and compare them to a dirty carpet as the dust flies..... LOL

 John, Gus, Claire and Quilla, meeting Thunder and Vashka (I think that's how it's spelled)

Gus, Quilla and Vashka getting acquainted.  Thunder wasn't impressed.

The trip went fine, no problems.  Had a man up by Casa Grande  chase us down in the In/Out parking lot to offer his services as a farrier for our rescues.  What a nice gesture, but we had to tell him we lived to far away to take him up on his offer.

I finished another Elmer Kellon book on the trip, I only have one left to read from my 2nd trip thru the 80 or so he wrote.  If you like semi historical western novels, his are great.  This is the one I just finished and representative of his writing talent.

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