Sunday, January 18, 2015

BUSY DAYS...........!!!

Two of our alumni Hanna and Remington that are in their forever home in the Sacramento, CA area

The last couple of weeks we have had workers here working on the outside of the house.  Our house is rammed earth, 2 foot thick walls, made from the same adobe, that adobe blocks are made from.  The earth walls are then stuccoed and painted.  

Adobe is known for developing cracks and in our case we had used paint, which has a stretchy quality.  Unfortunately if any water gets behind it, you end up with a bubble or at worse a large area that breaks down.  So between the cracks and the other issues, it was time to get it back in shape.  

A friend in Tucson had some remodelling on her house recently and recommended the crew.  I must say, she wasn't wrong.  They were quick, efficient and did an outstanding job.  The house looks great and I really like the flagstone in the courtyard that I commented on earlier.  Unfortunately the cracks will probably come back, they usually do.  One of the pleasures of having an adobe house. 

Yesterday I took Anubis the dog into Tucson for a vet appointment.  The last couple of days she had been lethargic and not able to eat.  She acted like something was wrong in her mouth.  I got the dogs some pigs feet that had been cooked someway to make them really crunchy.  I thought they would last a few days, but after a couple of hours they were gone.  I thought maybe she had a piece of her treat in her gums or something.  Nicki and Anubis both are very energetic when it comes to chewing on bones. 

They did x-rays of her neck and the vet thinks she might have some stenosis, narrowing of the spinal column in her neck.  The radiologist will read the x-rays tomorrow and let us know.  We came home with prednisone and Tramadol for inflammation and pain.  She is doing better, really enjoys the ham the pills are hiding in.  They sent home Greenie Pill Pockets and she made a judgement call on those.  Not sure what the problem is, but the hickory smell doesn't do anything for me.  I'm also giving her some pumpkin to counter act the constipating qualities of prednisone.  She's had a problem with that before, don't care to go thru it again.  

We are taking one day at a time with Pepper.  It looks like his other front foot is collapsing.  He's still getting around although each day seems to be a little more difficult. He's spending more time laying down, but still gobbling his mush and interested in going out of his pen, if only to lay in the wash or in the sandy area beside the feed room.  The ears are still up and he's still involved in what's going on around him.  I'm not sure we're doing him any favor, but his eyes are bright,  he mugs us for cookies and tries to run us down if we aren't forthcoming with said cookies.  I hate to play God, it's not so difficult when there is no question it's time.  Years ago we went out in the morning and Snowy an elderly frail white mule was down and bleeding from thrashing a long time during the night trying to get up.  The vet was here within the hour.  It wasn't an easy call, but if we had gotten her up, which was questionable, it would have just been a matter of time.  Pepper's foot seems to be growing out straighter above the dished area on the bottom half.  I keep hoping he will improve as that grows out and as the weather gets warmer.  But if in the meantime he loses his "spark", we'll have to let him go. 

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