Sunday, January 04, 2015


One of the neighbor's gives out lots of fruit boxes to employees and clients and had a lot of pears left over this year.  He brought a few down a couple of times after Christmas.  Yesterday he called and asked if we'd like some more.  BlackJack is the only one that doesn't like them.  Of course he's the one that will eat chicken nuggets and pizza if given the chance.  He was raised with a little boy, consequently his eating habits needed a little tweeking when we got him. Everyone else thinks they are just fine. They are a little messy to put in their feed bowls, since the bowls are piled on top of each other for ease of carrying and ripe pears are rather soft. 

This time Larry brought probably 25 pounds of pears in assorted stages of ripeness.  I fed them last night and then remembered a friend has a pig she is fattening up for......... well you know.  I have a bet that this is not going to happen, she keeps talking about how cute he is and when it got cold I told her he needed a blanket.  So now he has a blanket.  Does this sound like she is going to be in charge of his murder and then eat the body........??  LOL

She will be here today, so I'm going to see if she thinks the piggie would enjoy the pears, I'm pretty sure he will, pigs don't turn down anything that can be eaten.  I guess I'm a terrible mom, not willing to go thru the mess so they can have a little treat.  Since they all should be on a diet if it wasn't so cold, I don't really feel too bad about cheating them out of a few goodies. Well, not much anyway.....!!!

Janice and a couple of friends are here today grooming and leveling out some dirt in the pens.   I don't know where the dirt goes, I guess it gets picked up with poo and pretty soon you have an indentation that has to have dirt hauled in with the tractor.  However it happens, I hate to step in the holes.  I was going to mention the "pee ponds", and actually did mention it a couple of days ago to John.  Didn't get a "that's a good idea" back.  They have to dug out with the backhoe until you get to a level that hasn't become saturated with pee.  Then it all has to be filled back in with fill from the wash.  Sha'ba and Max the horse had terrible pee ponds, I don't think either of them ever went anyplace else on the property. 

  Most of the donkeys have very good potty manners, at least for peeing, pooing not so much.  Frijolita is a prime example.  She has a pee pond right in the middle of her shelter, which isn't very big.  If we try to put her bunk in the shelter she will throw it out, because that's where her potty place is.  She will hold it till she gets to her spot.  Road apples, she's not so fussy about, she can string a line of poo 60 feet or at a time.  I've told John walking probably makes the system work better, he thinks she does it just to be irritating......!!!  LOL


Chelra said...

You always know how to add a few smiles to our day.

Tish said...

Is that what it is..........LOL