Thursday, January 01, 2015


The flagstone is done and the new gate installed.  I'm going to miss the redwood gate we'd had since the house was built.  Unfortunately over the years the donkeys had almost destroyed it by pushing on it when they wanted us to come out and play, and chewing on it when bored.  It was starting to look rather bedraggled. 

The cracks in the walls have been fixed, but they will wait about a week to come back and paint.  We have to hose the walls for about 4 days to help the salts and minerals to leach out. 

The donkeys are happy to not have to stay in their pens, when the guys are working.  After the first couple of days, they actually became resigned to their fate, and stopped yelling so much.  We did let Pepper out every day.  His legs are so creaky that he needs to be able to move around as much as possible.  He's been laying down more since it's been cold, I would imagine those old legs don't handle cold very well. 

Gigi is finally walking pretty good for her.  After Tyler took her shoe off last time she got really lame.  I guess it changed the angle enough that she had to readjust her walking.  And I'm sure the cold weather doesn't do her any good either.  

Everybody else seems to be doing good.  Not sure they enjoy the cold weather but I'm sure they are happy to not have to wear fly masks, and get doctored, so it's a trade off.  Since it's been cold John upped their hay, even the fatties, so I guess we're not going to do diet control for awhile. You can bet, Rosie and Coquette will enjoy it for as long as it lasts........LOL


ellie k said...

We have been having cooler damp weather and my hip and leg just gives fits, so much pain I can hardly wait to get in bed at night. We have had our grandson and his fiancé here this past month so I have cooked more and been on my leg more. All these things together has caused a lot of pain. My company leaves this week end then I will rest . Happy New Year.

Patti Woodbury-Kuvik said...

Patio looks awesome & love the gate - and that you can see out the gate.

Tish said...

Oh my, company for a "month".....!! Reminds me of when we went to buy a new mattress for the guest room. I told the salesman I wanted the most comfortable mattress he had for 3 days. He looked at me funny and then caught my drift. LOL

At least now we'll know who's pounding on the gate. I have a feeling this one won't be as much fun as the wooden one to beat on.