Saturday, January 10, 2015


Pepper laid down on his left (good) side after breakfast and has not been able to get up as of this afternoon.  He's sat up on his chest a couple of times, and did some paddling with his feet, but hasn't been able to get up.  

John is gone to Tucson, Amy is coming out later to clean pens and maybe we can get him up.  But, I'm not sure getting him up will do any good long term.  If he can't get up on his own after laying down, it might be time to let him go.  I hate the thought.  Today is Saturday, no local vet available, so that gives us until Monday to see how it goes.  If he doesn't get up on his own, or if we do manage to get him up and he goes down again, I'm afraid it's time.

UPDATE:  I have been checking on him, about every 30 minutes and the last time I went out he was up, getting a drink.  Looked at me like, "what is your problem" and started mugging me for cookies.  I didn't have any on me, but rushed into the feed room to get a hand full.  The last I saw he was making his way out of the pens at a rather slow pace.  His right front foot is really nasty looking.  I would imagine the inside has collapsed.  New hoof that is growing out from above looks like it might be a little less saggy, if we can keep him going until the indented hoof below grows out.  YIPPEE, at least for another day.......!!!!  

UPDATE:  He only stayed up about half and hour and has been laying down every since in the soft sand where they all like to lay.  I am very worried about him.


ellie k said...

I am so sorry but there comes a time when we have to let go. We can't let him suffer and lose what dignity he has left. My thoughts are with you and this hard call you have to make.

Donna said...

Yay, glad to read the update!

Chelra said...

Pepper has had a good life since finding your Forever Home. He is Blessed! I wish you all well in these tough times. ❤️