Tuesday, February 03, 2015


We picked Miss Daisy up yesterday morning to take her to the vet for blood tests.  She loaded pretty good, we've had worse, we've had better, usually, worse........!!!  We had to call her Miss Daisy instead of Daisy Mae, because her Mom has a dog named Daisy Mae.

They just checked her out and drew the blood in the trailer so she wouldn't have to get out, get in and get out again.  Since no one at this time, knows exactly why she walks like she's walking on egg shells.  Her feet have been x-rayed and didn't show anything alarming.  

We didn't see her walk to the trailer that much.  John backed close to her pen, so she wouldn't have to walk anymore than necessary.  At the vet's she stayed in the trailer and Dr. Nancy suggested she come home with us, since we are closer to her than where she lives, in case we need to have Nancy look at her again.  Diane her Mom agreed, so we brought her home with us to await the results of the tests.  One thing they ran a quick glucose, which was 295, normal is around 110.  

We brought her home and put her in Gus' pen.  Started watching her walk and she is pretty toed out on both front feet.  John had already noticed she walks toe first on both front feet, which isn't normal.  Then we noticed when she puts her right foot down toe first, then heel second, the third thing that happens is the fetlock drops in the back.  I know in my books somewhere I have seen this or read about it, but I looked till I was "blind" last night and couldn't find anything.  

She's settled in, we'll leave her in the pens until we get the results from the tests, hopefully we'll get some idea of what is going on.  She also has some edema on her belly, but it is almost disappeared.    

She is very gentle and curious.  Hopefully she'll get to go out soon and roam around with the others.  She's already checked out Ruth and the boys that are in the next pen, she seems to think she might like to eat with them, for some reason.  

Frijolita seems to be fighting a hoof abscess.  She has been lame the last couple of days, can't find anything to cause it from the shoulder down.  So my guess is abscess, she's never had one, but I guess there is always a first time.  It doesn't stop her from going out with the rest of the donkeys roaming around, hopefully moving around will help it open........if that's what it is.  


ellie k said...

When you have animals it seems there is always something going on. Years ago when my dad had a dairy he relied on Epsom salts for so many things, he soaked feet in it, poured it down throats and made a paste of it and spread it on cuts. This was before farmers could afford vets only for extreme cases and there were few big animal vets in small towns.

Tish said...

When I got back into equines after decades, I was amazed at how many "new" products were available. I think fly masks, and wormers are 2 of the major ones. I remember Ringo getting wormed with a nasal tube........UGH! Now it's just a quick, squirt in the mouth, and apple flavored if they are lucky........!!