Friday, February 27, 2015


Right now things are going really good.  Makes me wonder what is in the future.....?  Nobody is having to be doctored, flies aren't too bad yet, although I released my first batch of predator wasps a couple of days ago.  I had to hold them an extra day because of a cold weather forecast, that actually got down to 25*.  Didn't think the little buddies would appreciate getting thrown out in temperatures like that.  John says he sees them in the big poo pile, year round, so I assume it stays fairly warm. 

This morning when John went out to start chores, most of the donkeys were either in their pens or in a close proximity, which is unusual.  Usually they are off doing their own thing, until John shows up with carrots and escorts them to their pen.  I'd like to think they are turning over a new leaf of cooperation.............but I doubt it........!!!!  LOL

Heard from Claire a few days ago.  Gus and Quilla went up to stay with her until the grass starts growing, and we'll go bring them back here, so Gus doesn't founder. 

 She took a picture of Quilla right after they got there and he really looked Cushings.  She had him checked and his numbers were 353, should be between 6 and 35, if that lab uses the same test my vet's lab uses.  So she's starting him on Pergolide.  He's never been overly energetic, but she thought he was a little too lethargic.

This is a picture Claire took of Gus and Quilla attempting to nibble a little bit of grass.  It's still pretty short, so all they are doing is nipping off teeney little pieces of grass, probably one blade at a time.  Gives them something to do, without a lot of results.  Quilla's coat looks rough, as in longer than Gus' and he is also pretty sway back, another symptom of Cushings.  Of course a lot of donkeys are sway backed from being worked too young or maybe overworked.  Quilla was a roping donkey and then spent 9 years in a dysfunctional home.  I don't remember him being sway backed when he got here and don't think he's ever been trained for any type of work, although he leads very well.  

Heard from Diane about Ruthie and, Marcy and Hank the horse, and their bonding process.  So far Hank and Ruthie are getting along just fine.  Diane said one time she will go out and Marcy has ears back, next time she goes out Ruthie has ears back.  Hank's just happy to have a herd I guess, even if they are long ears, he thinks Ruthie is wonderful.  They are still giving it a try to see if the girls will finally bond.  I think the problem might be, they can't figure out who is in charge.  Diane said most of the trouble is at feeding time, they will NOT eat together and I guess Ruthie is in charge at feeding time from what Diane says. 

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