Wednesday, March 04, 2015



Claire has been getting some rain and her pasture is perking up nicely.  So we'll probably go up next week and pick up the boys.  I asked her if she wanted to keep Quilla, since Vashka really likes him, and Quilla isn't herd bound to donkeys.  He was a horse companion for 9 years, so is very comfortable with horses.  We'll see how it goes.  

We also have a woman interested in Ruthie and the boys.  She has 27 acres of horse property up by Flagstaff and has horses and sheep.  Of course Ruthie has gone into a foster home, and it's actually starting to work out.  So I'm going to have to make a decision about what is best for Ruthie, to leave her in a foster home, that might or might not work out long term.  Or put her into a forever home that would like to adopt 3 donkeys.  I'm leaning towards the forever home, but so far no decision.  The woman is planning on coming down for a visit later this month, so we'll stay flexible and see how it goes.  

We also have a friend that will probably be moving out here in his RV for awhile.  He will be good help with the donkeys and maybe we'll have a chance to go someplace other than in between morning and afternoon feeding times.  If we do deliver the donkeys up to Flagstaff, if he was here to feed morning and evening it wouldn't be quite as hectic a trip.

When I went out this morning to ask John if everyone was in their pens, he said "no, the fornicators are over in Burroland"..............more information than I really needed, but guess it's spring..!!  LOL  There was quite a group involved, Tula, Frijolita, Daisy, Boaz, Pancho, Ruger, Wister, and all 4 of the minis.  John said Wister and Ruger actually came over to the pen area and Ruger, went in the pen, but Wister turned around and went back to the party.......!!!  Boaz and Pancho were fighting some of the girls were mounting some of the other girls, it was one big swap party I guess......!!  I was just getting ready to go over with a whip and run them back over here, when they all came over at once and went in their pens like no big deal.......!!!!   Grrrrr......!!! 


ellie k said...

If they don't come in for breakfast can you just feed the ones that come and make the others wait until evening with maybe a little hay out for them or do most of them get meds in the morning?

Tish said...

Oh, they come in.........eventually, on donkey time........LOL

CZM Arizona said...

This our first year with all three Jenny's. (Mom, 8mth baby, 2 yo) And all three are taking turns mounting one another! Spring has definitely sprung in our area and although we get a big laugh the neighbors were standing outside with mouths open wide yesterday! Hee-haw.

Tish said...

Yes, it seems to be quite shocking to the "unenlightened" LOL