Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This is Miss Grumpy Penny

Penny is probably not going to like any of us for awhile.  Between the worming a couple of days ago and Tyler coming this morning to do "pedicures" she is in a real snit.  Her rear feet grow long in the front.  Tyler told me the name of it, the back of the coffin bone is actually lower than the front, he said it's probably genetic, as if the poor girl doesn't have enough problems, with her broken jaw and hunchback.  Tyler said she should be trimmed on a regular schedule, which won't be a problem because Gigi has to be trimmed regularly too.  And since both of them seem determined to keep their independence, especially Penny, I'll have Tyler come out for them.  He always has a helper with him, Courtney is by herself, so she doesn't need the adventure.

He didn't have to reset Gigi's shoe, just had to trim more off on the outside of her front hooves than the inside.  He says she has some nice looking growth coming out, much fuller and "normal" looking.  So hopefully with the passage of time, her feet will get better.  I'm afraid her shoulder will always be "wonky" from walking crippled all those years, but if we can get her feet straight without shoes, that will be one less thing for her to have to put up with. 

She wasn't too bad at all, and little jumpy, but not bad.  Penny on the other hand was a little kicking machine.  She's fast and she fairly accurate, but this isn't Tyler's first "rodeo" and he managed to keep 1/2 step ahead of her, except for one REALLY close call.  

When he was done, we all left the area, so John could take the halter off and let her out with the others.  He tried really hard to get her to take a cookie from him, but she wasn't having any of it, if looks could kill he would have been a goner..........!!!!   LOL 

Finally got the final 3 wormed yesterday morning.  I had 2 leftover biscuits in the freezer and thought that would be really good for the 2 mules.  I lovingly prepared a molasses and biscuit sandwich, with wormer.  Tula had to settle for 1/2 a hot dog bun.  Took it out, Reba and Tula grabbed it and looked for more.  Rusty let us know that he wasn't going to be taken for a fool, as soon as it hit his mouth, he dropped it an accompanying dirty look.  So it was halter and lead time, I told Doug to snub him up, which he seemed to think might not be necessary.  Hmmmmmm Rusty was his usual obnoxious self to try to stick something in his mouth, but John and I got it done.  Doug took his halter off, and Rusty took off with a kick in the air, as he hid behind Reba with a wounded expression on his face.  They can get some of the saddest looks on their faces, considering they don't really have the muscle system for a lot of expression.  He kicked up his heels a couple more times, before he allowed himself to be "caught", petted and loved on.  Brat....!!

Going up to the Phoenix area to pick up Gus and Quilla tomorrow.

As I always say............WE ARE NEVER BORED.........!!!!   LOL

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