Friday, March 20, 2015


Looks like he needs a "little" more training........!!

Well, maybe pets is a little much.  For the last 3 years or so, we have had little tiny round pieces of something showing up over the spa, on John's nightstand and in the hall on his Dad's table.  We just figured it was some kind of wood borer.  Whenever it would show up, John would get the ladder and bug spray, spray the heck out of the area and it would be gone for months.  
One of the last rain storms we had, leaked from the skylight over the spa and when John went up to see where the leak was, he found a bunch of little wings..........Hmmmmm  Time to call Bug-wiser and sure enough we have TERMITES.....!!!!  The guy walked in and said we have a lot of wood, no kidding, John hates sheet rock.  They are dry wood termites, whatever that means and they are in at least 5 places in the ceiling/roof.  The little stuff we would see occasionally is termite poop.  He said when they get the tracks they make filled up with poo, they will make a little tiny hole to the outside and push the poo out as a house cleaning method.  So when John thought he was killing off wood borers, the termites actually were probably finished with dumping the poo.  I'm always learning new things, how 'bout you?   LOL  Some of it I could do without, this being one of them. 

I guess the only way to get rid of them is to tent the house.  We have a DVD and brochure of what the home owner has to do to get ready for this adventure.  Let me first say, I don't like my "nest" messed with, but this goes much farther than just messing.  The 4 cats will have to stay somewhere for almost 2 days and we will have to overnight someplace.  No problem, we'll probably just sleep in the van, although Doug said we and the 4 cats would stay in his RV and he'd stay in the van.  But Snooky and Sunny are spooky and will have to be contained.  We have a 4 x 5 wire cage for them to stay in the garage.  Moogee and Nigel can stay in the garage too, but they should be OK loose.

The next crisis is take care of the food stuffs.  You would think a refrigerator would be safe, not so.  We can either bag EVERYTHING in the frig and freezer in their special bags, OR, we can move the frig and freezer out on the courtyard and run an extension cord.  The beds have to be stripped, because the gas can be trapped between the sheets and the mattress. 

That's the major preparation, from my point of view.  We have 2 refrigerators and 1 upright freezer running in the house.  I guess over the next 2 or 3 weeks we will eat as much as possible and hopefully what is left will all fit in one refrigerator/freezer, which will get dragged out on the courtyard with an extension cord.  

The donkeys might have to stay in their pens while the bug guys are here.  I'm sure the big tent they use to cover the entire house, will be "fascinating" ...!!!  Anything that goes on around here, has to have their attention.  Doug is learning that anytime he turns on a light in his RV, he will get visitors.  He made the mistake of letting them know he had animal crackers in the RV......!!!  Penny is actually warming up to him enough to let him pet, without her pulling away.  This morning when they came out of the pens, Doug, Amy and I were on the feed room porch and I went in and got the bottle of Tums.  We ended up with about 8 or 9 on the porch and milling around the porch selling their souls for some Tums.  I wish I had the camera, might try it again in the morning if I remember to take the camera out. 

Quilla seems to be a lot perkier since I upped his pergolide for Cushings.  He was getting a minimum starting doseage of .25mg twice a day.  I asked Patti and she thought it should be OK to bring him up to 1mg a day, and he seems to more alert.  I even pulled a few loose hairs out of him yesterday.  I can't believe how hairy he got without me noticing, until I saw the picture Claire took the 1st morning he was at her place, that sent up "alert" signals. 


Witcheylady said...

So happy to hear that Quilla is doing well. I was worried about the pergolide veil. He's such a sweetie. I hate to see him droopy.

Kristy Harrington said...

Some things can’t be avoided when it comes to pest control, and it’s certainly better than letting the infestation get any worse. It’s a good thing that you were warned beforehand, so that you were able to arrange proper accommodations for your pets and animals. Anyway, I hope that that was the last time you’ve had to deal with termites in your house. Take care!

Kristy Harrington @ AntacPest