Monday, March 16, 2015

HERE WE GO AGAIN.......!!!

 1897 Dyea Peak, gold fields

The merry-go-round continues.....just heard about a little mini donkey named Molly.  She was attacked by the 3 family dogs, and as usually happens with these situations, got torn up pretty bad.  She's been sewed back together, but the family works and can't take care of her.  She is up in Phoenix somewhere.  

I showed John the e-mail and as usual he said "yes.........what's one more".........!!!  It took a little while to figure out where we could put her.  But we can make a little pen inside Pepper's old pen, that's where Penny use to eat.  It only takes 2 corral panels, which is all the extras we have.  We either need to get more corral panels or learn to say NO......!!!  

We've put out the word to see if there is anyone that could haul her, we don't know where in Phoenix she is, it could be on the other side and miles away. A trip to Phoenix is an all day trip for us, so if someone could do at least part of the hauling it would really help. We'll see how it goes, actually Wed. is the only open day this week, so hopefully we can get it figured out soon. 


Witcheylady said...

Oh goodness! Poor little thing! Wish I could do something to help.

Tish said...

She's recuperating at a vet clinic and so far so good. She wasn't septic which was a big worry, but can't be hauled, so it's one day at a time for awhile.