Sunday, March 08, 2015


Yesterday a friend that likes donkeys and was looking for a place to park his RV, pulled in the middle of our circle driveway and is setting up housekeeping.  Well he's trying to, there was no electricity or water there.  Today Doug and John are running electricity.  So far I haven't heard a big bang, so hopefully things are going well.  Last night we went out to dinner with some friends and when we came home, he was using an oil lamp for light.  Hopefully tonight will be "brighter".....!!!

He's learning the feeding drill and today he got to help with worming.  Amy was here cleaning pens, so she got to help too.  Not only that, we had a real nice couple from Alaska visiting for the 2nd time in the last week or so, they got to watch the circus.  You can't say we don't entertain people.....!!!  Amy got more entertainment than she wanted, one of the minis took affront at this mistreatment and tried to rear.  Amy had a hold around the neck, so the rebellion didn't last long, but he tried, maybe it was Justin, not sure.  He's usually a pill, but Cheyenne can be too. 

Doug had to help with Penny.  We have to put her in the redneck squeeze to do almost anything with her.  Even then she can be a handful, throwing her head, which of course is where the wormer is suppose to go.  Doug got a good hold over the top of the corral panel and I got it down her.  If they are really fighting, you don't want your arm thru the panel, or it might get broke.  

Still have 3 to worm, Tula, and the mules Reba and Rusty.  Tula is a given, she isn't going to allow you to stick anything in her mouth, although I must say she actually let Willis the man feed her some animal crackers today.  She's been getting closer and closer to visitors, trying to build up her courage to take something from them and over the years has taken treats from 4 or 5 people.  But it was always on her terms, long neck, stretched to the maximum, grab it and back up quick.  Today there was a certain amount of that, but she took it and came back for more.  

Rusty is an absolute pill about worming, you'd think it was hot acid, Reba not so much, but she isn't really thrilled either, soooooooo,  tomorrow they will all get a bread sandwich, probably with a molasses "filling", hopefully they will eat it without wading thru the filling to see what is in it.....!!

This Wednesday we will head up to Waddell to pick up Gus and Quilla.  Claire got in touch and said the grass is growing fast and green.  Gus just can't be on grass, he's got lousy feet from chronic founder, and it's a real balancing act to keep his feet comfortable.  Fresh grass would send him right over the edge.   Patti's going with us, Doug and Amy will take care of the donkeys, so life is good....!!!  

Except for the fact that we haven't seen Hobo, one of the outdoor cats for 3 days.  It took us 3 years to live trap her for a trip to the vet to be spayed.  For those 3 years she was having 3 litters of kittens a year and the coyotes were getting them.  While we were trying to catch her we did catch 3 tomcats, which went to the vet for "corrective" surgery.  Don't know if they belonged to anyone or not, but if they did, they were walking different when they went home.

The other outdoor cat is Julius from her last litter, we also have Snooky from that litter indoors.  There were 2 females, we had spayed and found homes for.  We also have Sunny in the house, the only survivor from her next to last litter.

We can't imagine what happened to her, she spent most of her time in the back yard, where we feed them on the back porch.  John would occasionally see her going over to the neighbor's, but she had done that for years.  Not sure how old she is, maybe 9 or 10, just guessing which isn't that old for a cat.  We very rarely see coyotes on the property anymore, too many donkey feet stomping around and donkeys really don't like coyotes and aren't afraid to show it. 

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Witcheylady said...

What a coincidence! I dewormed the horses & the donkeys today also. So they'll be on the same schedule when they go back to you :-)