Saturday, March 14, 2015

INTERESTING WEEK.........(aren't they all)......!!!

Doug is finally getting settled in, the sewer is the last to be installed and hooked up and they should get that done today.  Well except for internet, I have DSL with our land phone.  He doesn't need a land phone he like most people in the 21st century has a "carry round".  He's been told by the company that he gets his phone from, that we're in a dead zone, no signal.  They have extenders and different ways of boosting the signal I guess, so I have the local computer geek coming out Monday to see if he has any brilliant ideas.  

I was afraid Doug would get bored out here, but he says he doesn't think it will ever get boring. I think he's saying it's somewhat like a 3 ring circus...........LOL

Got Gus and Quilla home and they just fell right back into the routine, Gus lays down in his favorite dusting place in the afternoon and by the time John goes out to do round up, he's standing in his pen, wanting to know where supper is.  Quilla is Quilla, nothing fazes him.  I guess Vaska, one of Claire's horses was pretty upset, cried all night and laid down by the gate they went out when they left.  Haven't heard if he has settled down yet.  

Doug is really a lot of help, I have to hurry making up my feed pans, between him and John rounding up donkeys, it now takes less time and they end up having to wait for me.  Didn't take him long to figure out the routine, and who goes in what pen.

Janice is out this morning grooming donkeys.  She comes about once a month and usually gives everyone a "lick and a promise" at least.  Today she's probably going to have to spend more time on Rusty the mule.  He is really shedding a lot. If you touch him there is an explosion of white hair everywhere......!!! The white or light colored ones seem to start shedding first.  Well except for BlackJack, he doesn't shed much at all, must be that Poitou blood.   The donkeys, well most of them really appreciate getting groomed, although Gigi, Rosie and Penny can be stand offish.  I think she can usually groom on Penny a little bit.  Gigi is really evasive, unless you are outside the pen, with a cookie, then she's usually pretty friendly.  

Yesterday I noticed 2 of the cats were in the spa room, "observing" something right outside the window.  I also was hearing a squeaking sound about every 3 or 4 seconds, but couldn't really tell where it was coming from.  In my infinite wisdom and a lifetime of living with cats, my assumption was the squeaking sound was coming from where they were looking.  

This is a rock squirrel.  Yesterday afternoon,  he was just sitting there squeaking at the cats inside the window.  He wasn't in any hurry to leave, I went over to see what was there, went ALL the way to the other end of the house to get the camera, came back and he was still sitting and squeaking.  He finally saw me after I took the picture, and ran up a 4 inch pipe just to his left behind the wood.  Unfortunately for him, the other end of the pipe is buried in the other words no escape.  I went out the door to see if I could help, and the pipe was doing a little dance.  By the time I got back in the door, he had figured out how to back out and left at "warp" speed, I didn't even see which way he went. 

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