Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Haven't heard anymore about Molly the little mini donkey that got torn up by the owner's dogs.  So don't know what will happen there.  The owner signed both her and the jack over to AREO a rescue in Phoenix and she was taken directly to a vet clinic.  Her wounds weren't septic, which was a big worry, but she isn't in condition to be traveling long distance.  They will evaluate her next week to see if she has healed enough to haul. 

The jack was suppose to be gelded yesterday morning and if everything goes as planned, it sounds like we might be getting him too.............!!!  SIGH!  They are bonded, have been together long enough for her to be pregnant, unless she is barren.  She is suppose to be 4 years old, so unless something is wrong with either reproductive system, I'm sure she is. 

This would be a good place for her to recuperate, lots of land to roam around on, lots of donkeys to interact with or ignore, her choice.  Our dogs are in a pen because they have teased the donkeys and the donkeys have teased them to the point that someone would get hurt if they could get to each other.  Besides Anubis the female is a runner, at least she was when she was younger.  She's 10 years old now, so maybe running wouldn't be as much fun as it use to be.  But she might not be quick enough to escape a determined donkey.  So Molly could see the dogs and actually the neighbor's dog spends most of his time over here roaming around.  He has learned to give the donkeys a wide berth, so he wouldn't be a problem.  It might take her a long time to gain her confidence back after being attacked like that. 

Heard from the foster home where Ruthie is staying as a companion for Marcy.  After a rather rocky start Diane said they are hanging together and seem to enjoy each others company........ except at feeding time or when treats are involved.  Diane needs to become head jenny, she's not an aggressive type of person and has been letting them get away with being pushy and snarky.  Obviously they haven't figured out who is in charge, and since Diane hasn't stepped up to the plate and said "I am", the pecking order is still up for grabs. 

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