Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Well we'll see how this works out.  Some of you might remember that Wister and Ruger are both overly attached to Ruthie, their mom.  Diane and Steve, whom Miss Daisy belonged to said they would like to foster a donkey as a friend for Miss Daisy's mom, Marcy.  Since we haven't managed to find a home for the 3 donkeys together, I got the brilliant idea of seeing how Ruthie would adjust to being away from the boys, even though she has never shown much interest in the jennies around here.  And also seeing how the boys adjust to her not being with them.  Since it's a foster and they live fairly close, if it doesn't work out, it won't be a crisis to go get her.  

Today was the day.  This morning after she got done eating her hay, we loaded her up and away we went.  She hopped out of the trailer, looked around and didn't seem overly upset by this change in her lifestyle.  

 This is Ruthie with Hank.  Hank was really fascinated with her, didn't want her out of his sight........she..........not so much, she basically ignored all his attention getting antics, of which he had many.

 Marcy wasn't sure she wanted to interact with Ruthie, but after being a little stand offish, they touched noses thru a fence that will separate them for a couple of days.  Neither of them showed willingness to be passive, so not sure who will end up in charge.  They will have to figure it out. 

On the way home we had to wait for a train to pass by.  Once it was gone, there was a train work truck on the other side of it, ready to get off the tracks and on the road.  I've never seen one change it's mode before.  There is a set of little wheels in front of the front wheels, where the man is standing.  The little wheels are the ones that pull the truck along on the tracks.  We got to sit there and wait while they  pulled up the little wheels, then drove off on the road.  It's interesting to see how things work, especially something you never thought about.  When I was a kid I remember seeing little work carts going down the train tracks, with two guys pushing handles up and down to make it move.  This looks a lot easier.......!!! LOL

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