Wednesday, February 11, 2015


 I know, they aren't donkeys.........but it's such a pretty picture.....!!!

Which is a good thing, after last week and the week-end.  The days are warm and sunny, in fact we have weeds coming up.  They have to be quick or the donkeys take care of most of them.   There are a few they won't eat, but most are fair game.  

Miss Daisy's family is interested in fostering a donkey.  They have their old horse and Marcy, Miss Daisy's mom.  They are afraid Marcy will get lonely, although so far she is hanging out with Hank, so it might not be a problem.  

I've got 2 ideas of who to send, for different reasons.  We've talked about Boaz.  He has the big scar on his knee, other than that he is healthy and really is a nice donkey.  Diane spends a lot of time with her animals and would be good about making sure his knee doesn't become a problem  this summer. 

My brilliant idea is Ruthie.  She only hangs with Ruger and Wister, her two boys.  She has never shown any interest in the other donkeys at all.  I've wanted to find a home for the 3 donkeys, but nothing yet.  She's a very mellow donkey and my thought is, if she was completely away from the boys with another jenny, perhaps she would bond with Marcy.  Or she might throw a fit, who knows, I sure don't.  Most moms are more than happy to get rid of the kids, when they are old enough.  She is definitely a laid-back mom, it's been awhile, but up until a few months ago 2 year old Wister would still nurse if something upset him, and she would let him.  

Getting ready to race the 28th of Feb on the asphalt.  I told John I'd try it at least once, I just hope I don't get in someone's way, or wreck the car for him to fix.  John gave me the usual pep talk, "a race car is a write off once you put it on the track".   That might be true, but I don't want to take anyone with me.  Last week-end they had a special before season race and one of the guys got pushed into the wall  head on by an inexperienced driver, with a pretty hot hornet.  Too much car and not enough experience isn't a good mix.  At least I know enough to not go out there and try to win, but some of the kids haven't learned that yet......!!!   

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