Monday, February 16, 2015


 This morning before we went out for chores, the dogs were barking like they do, when the donkeys are running or playing.  Looked out and low and behold, it was Pancho and BlackJack........!!!  For one thing BlackJack doesn't usually play, it takes too much effort and for another, Pancho usually plays with Ruger or Wister.  I came in to get the camera to record this unusual occurance and of course as soon as they heard the door open, they quit.  I thought perhaps Pancho was the instigator, but BJ was going after him, if he quit.  At one time Pancho had hold of BJ's rather large jaw and was hanging on for all he was worth. 

 Resting up for round two

If you will notice, this cholla has some bright spots on the one upright twig.  I don't know how they do it, but right now quite a few of the donkeys are eating cholla.  Adding it to their usual diet of greasewood i.e. creosote bush, and prickly pear cactus.  When we first starting getting donkeys the vet told us nothing eats greasewood.  She should see what our one time abundant greasewood, looks like these days.  The bushes will struggle to survive, putting out fewer and fewer leaves until they just finally give up and die.  We love the smell of the greasewood after it rains, smells like the desert.  

I think this is Ruthie chowing down on a tasty cholla.......!!!! 

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