Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wish I had a camera tonight when I went out to do chores.  Aaron discovered rearing & kicking out to the side as you run past something.  Ruthie was laying down & he attempted to jump over her.  Didn't go too well, he hung up & then had to try to figure out how to get all 4 legs on the same side of Mom.  A lot of squirming & wiggling & a very mellow Mom & he was off running again.  

Ruthie has finally come off of "guard" duty, or at least she isn't quite as on guard as she was.  Even came over to me to be petted tonight.  While I was petting her I felt a nudge, turned around & there was a cute little face wanting to participate. I kept scratching on Ruthie & reached back with the other hand & scratched his back & neck.  I think I have a friend for life, he seemed to think it was great.  

He's 4 days old & the difference between him & Tucker is amazing.  They were both born on a Tuesday, & Sunday morning John was hauling Tucker & Mocha into 24 hour care in Tucson.  He stopped on the way one time, because he thought Tucker had died he was so still.  This time is a much more fun experience, so far. 

Aaron is twice as big as Tucker was, John picked him up this afternoon to move him out of Daisy's pen, he was laying down & didn't see a reason to get up.  I asked John if he carried him all the way to his pen.  He said no, he's heavier than he looks.  He actually looks pretty sturdy. 

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