Sunday, December 02, 2012

Ruthie, John & the neighbor's dog Boofer entertaining visitors at the Open House this week-end

The weather was great, we didn't have as many people as we have had in other years, but everyone seemed to have a good time,  & the donkeys got lots of attention.  One man brought his own apples, which were a huge hit with the "fur" kids.  Jenny got to the point where she wouldn't take timothy pellets, if that's all they had to offer.  When the man brought out the apple, she had no problem taking that.........!!!! 

I want to thank, Linda, Georgette, Ian, Patti & Mae for all their help.  Couldn't have done it without you guys.  Besides we don't ever see enough of ya'll, it makes a good time to visit in between people coming to see the donkeys.  

Ruthie started yelling as soon as she saw people & Boaz learned to trot from one side of his pen to the other, as the people moved along.  Most of the people were more than willing to give him more treats or pet him, which he figured out real quick.  

One woman came that was here a couple of years ago, & got Tula to take a treat from her hand.  I think over the years Tula has done that 3 times, always from a woman.  But she wouldn't do it this time.  

I got a big surprise, when I looked up & saw a friend from Missouri, Ellyn & her husband Dick.  Ellyn was our bridesmaid when we got married 51 years ago......!!!  They've been out here before, but we didn't know they were coming this year.  They've gone on quite a few adventures with us, picking up donkeys or hay or whatever else we're doing.  They are more than willing to jump into the fray, so to speak.  Tomorrow they are going to go with us to do a home study for Pancho & Ruger.  If the home checks out, which I think it will we'll go pick up the boys & haul them to their new home, which is pretty close to where they are being fostered.  The people are horse people so they know what shelter & fences means,  I'm sure there won't be any problems.   

You might notice the blog looks a little different...............FINALLY.........!!  I have been ready to do some changes with the blog for a LONG time, but didn't know how to do it & was afraid to mess up what I already had.  After we got thru with the Open House, got the animals fed, & had something to eat ourselves, Patti, worked on my blog to bring it into the 21st century, so to speak.  I doubt that it will ever be "nifty neato", but it looks a lot more interesting now, & she showed me some things I can do to make it better.  

Everyone was glad to get out of their pens tonight, but I would imagine tomorrow they will be expecting more Open House with people.  It doesn't take them long to settle into a new routine, especially if food is involved, but I'm sure when the gates open, they'll be more than happy to head out for a day of munching on the mesquite trees. 


Janet Abbott said...

LOVE the new look!!


Tish said...

I went in tonight on my "play" dummy blog Patti set up. Hmmmmm, not sure I need to be turned loose without supervision.......!!!! LOL