Monday, December 03, 2012

This afternoon we  picked up Ellyn & Dick in Sonoita & headed out to do the home study for Pancho & Ruger "ie" Lefty. 

It's almost perfect burro country, about 3 acres of hilly rocky ground with a nosy Arab mare & 3 dogs.  So we headed to the other side of Sonoita to pick up the boys from their foster home.  Sonoita is basically an intersection out in the middle of grasslands, so going from one side to the other isn't very far.  In fact as a crow flies they are probably less than 2 miles from where they were.

Their foster mom has changed her days at work, & actually was home today.  Probably a good thing, since Pancho had a different type of day planned I guess.  Dick & Ellyn even got to tug & pull as we tried to get Pancho in the trailer.  For a little guy, he certainly was determined, but so were we.  Ruger was just a goofy little guy, pretty much ready to "go along to get along".  

We got them in their pen, & they got busy exploring the new territory, basically ignoring people, dogs & the silly mare.  She's a beautiful Arab mare, very friendly, loves people............BUT.........once the donkeys hit the ground, she totally focused on them, almost ran me down.  I tried twirling a rope to back her up, & obviously she had never had that rather "rustic" training method used on her, since it didn't even faze her........!!!  So I made sure I was close to a bush or tree, just in case, she came flying thru again.  

The dogs went out in the pen with the donkeys & everyone seemed to get along just fine, & before we left the mare & the donks had touched noses thru the fence, so I think they'll fit right in. 


Witcheylady said...

Love the new look!

Tish said...

Thanks, but Patti left me hanging, she obviously thinks I'm smarter than I am.....!!! (G)