Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Well, John can't remember if he didn't latch the hay barn gate or not.  But the barn ended up with as many donkeys & of course Rusty the mule,  in it as could fit around the stacked bales of hay.  Well except for BlackJack blocking everyone else from getting to the bale of alfalfa we feed the chickens.  John put it between the hay & the side of the barn, & there was only room for the "early bird", especially if he stands cross ways. 

Only about half of them would fit inside, so the rest were milling around outside waiting for their turn.  John ruined that, when he saw what was going on.  They all scattered when they realized they had been caught, except for BlackJack, he wasn't leaving the alfalfa without a fight.  He's a bluffer, so as soon as he figured out that John meant it, he left with as much dignity as he could muster.  

Now John is clipping the gate again, although he thinks he probably left it unchained.  Usually we don't bother unless we have a precocious gate opener on the property.  Thelma was the last one, & she could open all types including the gate to the house. 

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