Friday, December 07, 2012


Well, well, well, I guess I'll have to change my little story about how Cheyenne can back up any animal on the property & does, if there is food involved.  She becomes a little kicking machine, until the chosen one, backs up & finds something else to do.  She's always gotten away with it, even with the mules & Max the horse. 

This morning when John was letting everyone out, Cheyenne ran in Daisy's pen looking for morsels of hay, like Daisy was going to leave anything, but I guess there is always a chance.  Boaz wandered in to see what she was doing & she proceeded to double barrel kick him with her tiny little hooves.  John said he backed up a few feet, just stood there, looking at her for a few seconds.  Made up his mind, walked over picked her up by her neck & shook her.  John said her back feet were still on the ground, & when he yelled at Boaz he dropped her.  Poor little thing, she isn't use to being so mistreated.  John checked her over & gave her a treat, but I have an idea she'll be a little more careful with Boaz in the future.  He obviously doesn't put up with her nonsense....!!! 

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