Saturday, December 29, 2012

Heard from Julie, she said to use the pictures however I wanted to so here goes:

This is a sample of what Ruthie had to put up with the first couple of days, lots of eyes wanting a baby of their own I guess

Who wouldn't want one of these for their very own
Finally got those long legs operating effectively

Momma loves her little man..!!!!

Ruthie has been very good at letting the other donkeys & Rusty the mule, know that their admiration isn't appreciated.  Poor Daisy shares a fence at feeding time & isn't allowed on that side of the pen without being met by a huffy kicking momma.....!!!  Last night John didn't get the gate closed in time, the baby went in, momma went in with a vengeance & Daisy tried to chase the baby.  Not sure  if Daisy was trying to steal the baby or thought he was the problem.  Either way, John hustled around & got everyone where they needed to be before someone got hurt.  

Can't keep calling him baby, although I could call him Habibi, which is Arabic for baby.  But his name will be Aaron.  We had a family out here to see the donkeys a couple of months ago, & one of the men was having a birthday.  His Mother asked if we would name the baby after him.  I asked what if it was a girl, but of course there is the Irish spelling of Erin, so everything was covered.  

This morning he was acting a little funny with his mouth.  I would imagine he is cutting his first 2 teeth, they show up within a few days of them being born. 

This is a link to a story about the sanctuary, where Diega was before one of the board members took her to Phoenix.  I hope they can make some changes that are long overdue, & make sure the first & foremost goal, is to make sure the animals are well taken care of.  It looks like there are 145 animals on a 7 acre property.

I was up there a few years ago, when there were actually more animals & was really surprised that they didn't look crowded.  I figured they would be standing nose to tail, waiting for someone to move a few steps, so they could move.  But they actually had more room than I expected.  I know some of the animals were kept in barns, which I didn't see.  Don't know if they ever were outside or not.  Some of the horses were in small individual pens, I was told they went out in an area that looked to be about 1/2 acre, but I don't know how often. 

I just hope this is a good thing for the animals.

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Amazing shot. It's rare for me to see like these.

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