Sunday, December 23, 2012

John has got a new project to keep him busy.  When my Mother moved out here with us this summer her very nice Lincoln town car came with her.  Because the donkeys love to inspect & dismantle just about anything we decided it should be in the garage unless it's going someplace.  

I noticed the other day, the pillow in the back seat, had a couple of small holes in it & the missing pieces were laying on the seat........Hmmmmmmm.......!!!!  

A couple of days ago John was going to unload some apple treats from the trunk, & not only found a hole in the bag, but found mice poo too.  Grrrrr....!!!  Finally found the small live trap used when the feed room got inundated with the little monsters awhile back.  

So far his count is 3, 1 little girl, & 2 boys.  When I say little I'm not kidding, these are tiny tiny little mice. They are only about 2 inches long, John is trying to figure out how they are getting in the car.  As small as they are it certainly wouldn't take much of an opening for them to have free access.

He is hauling them over to the chicken pen.  We figure they are probably beating him back to the garage.  That's what happened when they were using a tree limb to get in the air conditioning opening in the feed room.  In fact one time John was walking back to this side of the wash, & a mouse, (we figure it was the one he had just released in the chicken pen) ran across his boot, headed back to the feed room.

At least they aren't pack rats, thank goodness.  They can completely destroy the wiring in a car, no one can figure out what the fascination for the wiring is, but that is what they usually chew up.  Even people living in town have trouble with pack rats. 

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