Tuesday, July 01, 2008

WHEW! IT'S HOT.................!!!!

How hot is it? I don't know, but I don't care if it doesn't get any hotter. The monsoons are trying to gather up enough clouds to drop some rain, which means the humidity is up. So besides being hot it's also sticky........!!! YUCK!

Heard from Gallita's (IE Twinkie) new Mom. They had the vet come out & look her over. I was told she was such a good little girl, the vet was very impressed. They performed all the indignities that medical types like to do, & she didn't bat an eye. Even though she came here with good manners, & we had little to do with it, it's nice to hear that she was a good girl. She went to them as a foster, & they have already sent the paperwork back, so she is officially adopted...........!!!! I guess the other 3 girls still aren't sure they want her around them, but that will change as she gets use to her new home, I'm sure.

Pepsi & Justin have "found" each other & seem to be on the road to being buddies. They can play & rough house with each other & not have a size difference for me to worry about. The standards played with Justin quite a bit & were careful to not play too rough. But this way they can chase & rear up as equals.

I'm afraid that Pepsi might have to stay in the pens for awhile. I was hoping by cutting down on his hay & treats that he would be able to run around & get exercise. Donkeys store fat in the top of their neck, like camels store in their humps. It's hard to get a good picture of just how large his crest is, but you can see the ripples in it. Also the lumpy area in front of his shoulder is a fat pocket. Although his crest has gotten a little softer, he's obviously "eating off the land". Some that are insulin resistant can lead a fairly normal life, but others have to have as much sugar & starch removed from their diets as possible. We may end up having to soak his hay for awhile. Some equines see this treatment of their food as an insult to their intelligence. Hay is suppose to be dry not wet..........!!!!!

Everyone seems to be doing pretty good right now. I have my usual doctoring. Jenny's legs have to be wrapped in gauze to keep the flies from either causing sores on her legs, or being drawn to sores on her legs. I've managed to get the sores healed up, but the flies are still drawn to her. I would imagine her immune system doesn't work as well as it should.

I'm also doctoring Sha'ba & Cisco everyday to keep the habronema larvae at bay. I'm doing pretty good on Cisco, although Sha'ba has some on his sheath, poor little guy. I dug 2 out this morning, one was as big as a fat piece of rice. Nasty little beasties.

I have sent a message out to Dr. Taylor about an article that I read in the July 2008 Equus magazine. It was about a horse that was sound except when being ridden. They did all sorts of tests & an x-ray showed he had an old break in his tail that had developed a bony growth at the joint. They removed the growth & part of the vertabrae without knowing if it would make a difference or not. The horse is now sound. Hmmmmm, bony growth caught my eye, since that is exactly what Chester has right below his right elbow. I've thought for quite some time that the growth could keep the surrounding tissue, tendons & muscles irritated, which could be why he limps although he doesn't seem to be in pain. I would hate to put Chester thru more surgery, BUT, if it might help him not limp, I think it would be worth the effort. We'll see what Dr. Taylor thinks of the idea.

I finally got a chance to brush Gus. Once I got started I discovered 2 things, one, he LOVES to be groomed, I don't think he moved a muscle the whole time I was pulling & tugging, especially in areas like his armpits that had mats, etc. Didn't seem to bother him at all, as long as I kept doing it. The other discovery was, he has got a LOT of hair & some of it is shedding out, so we'll try to do some more brushing on a regular basis. BlackJack keeps his long hair, & since they are so much alike, I just assumed Gus would keep his too. He probably won't slick out, but I'm sure he will be glad to get rid of some of it. He also did something I've never seen before, he grabbed up a big blob of hair & ate it...........!!! YUCK! Don't know if there is something missing from his diet, or if he just wanted to watch me have a fit.......!!!!

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the7msn said...

Well let's just hope that Gus doesn't hack up a fur ball on you. Yuck is right.

Sounds like some of your residents shed out and others don't. George and Alan seem to be hanging on to their winter coats for dear life, and as hot as it is, I would have thought they'd let it go. When I comb them, the really soft undercoat seems to come out, but that's it. This is our first summer together so it's hard to know what normal is for them. The long coats do seem to keep the bugs from bugging them.