Monday, July 14, 2008


This is how it looked here yesterday just before feeding time. It was over 2 feet deep & moving fast. John was "out"......that means he was on the other side of the wash. This wash crosses the paved road 7 times before it crosses our property, so if you're out you stay out until it recedes. He managed to slosh thru, in time to help feed after having to retreat once. In less than an hour it was down to rivlets running here & there. That's when we discovered 5 donkeys on the other side. They were standing on the bank pleading for us to help them well some of them were. John walked across to show them it was safe, & Chili & Jenny actually followed him back across. Cisco thought about it, but decided not to go with the other 2. John went back across to encourage him to follow, he was interested, but not willing to step into the soft sand. Chester & Tula weren't interested in following John at all. But by the time we got ready to feed, those 3 finally managed to be brave & make it across on their own.

I left the 4 minis in the pens today. Justin is still limping so hopefully a few days of not roaming all over the place will give his leg a rest. Of course they think we have lost what little minds we still have left. They are so use to running all the pens for scraps of hay, this is like being put on a crash diet. Actually they all could stand to lose a little weight, so it won't hurt them, but they sure think it will.

This morning I noticed a lot of flies on Chili's skinned nose. He is still almost impossible to doctor, so I tried using the clicker to get him to cooperate. He actually did pretty good, I was trying to get him to hold his head still while I put my hand on his nose & keep it there for a couple of seconds. I got it doctored with a little cooperation & a lot of patience. He doesn't like to stand still under normal circumstances, let alone when he thinks you are trying to "do" something to him.

More rain this afternoon..........


Laura Lee said...

Please tell me that no question is ever stupid!
O.k., question: How are donkeys at swimming?
Two of my donkey furkids (Tio Mio & Jackie)would like to know!

Laura Lee

Tish said...

I'm sure they are capable of swimming......BUT since they don't even like to step on wet ground, they certainly aren't going swimming by choice. They will do whatever necessary to keep their feet dry. And none of my donkeys have ever liked to be hosed down even when it's hot. Max the horse, will play in his water bucket in the afternoon. That is our clue that it is time to spray him with the hose. The mules like to be sprayed also, but not the donkeys......!!! I see Jack has done another name change....!! (G)