Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Here's another picture of my childhood friend Kix with me & a few friends. Can anyone guess which one I am?

As of now we have 10 in full time, 4 out during the day, in pens at night, & only 5 that are showing common sense & not eating as many beans as they can find. Right now it isn't difficult to find them, they are everywhere. We have shut off Burroland, so they only have access to the 10 acres. Today we will open the big gate into Burroland & "salt" the opening "literally" with mineral salt. Although the cows roam around the area all the time they aren't use to it being open. So a little salt will show them the way. Right now everything is growing everywhere, so they probably won't have a big interest in checking out new territory without "bait".

This is the first year we've had to restrict Max the horse. He usually eats a few beans & that's it. But for some reason he's scarfing them up at a rapid rate. Right now he is still going out at during the day, but if the amount of beans in his poo doesn't change, he'll be in 24/7. Rusty the mule is on the same schedule as Max. But Jack the other mule doesn't have enough teeth to chew beans, so he gets to go out. He usually doesn't like to be separated from Max, when we've let Max out before Jack got thru eating his hay. He starts yelling & pacing the fence. But it doesn't seem to bother him if he's out & Max isn't.......!!!!

Lucy has to stay in 24/7, she's been foundered in the past & we can't take a chance on her eating too many beans. Buster doesn't have a problem, so he can be out. BUT, she is his "security blanket" & he doesn't like to be very far away from her. We've been putting them in a pen to eat & the first day or so, we let him out. He hung around the pen & occasionally would bray at her like, "come on, lets go". Now when he gets thru eating, he stands by the gate & goes right out. So much for security, I guess.............!!! He stays pretty close to the pen, but seems to accept that she isn't coming out.

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