Thursday, July 24, 2008

UNHAPPY DONKEYS..............!!!

We made a decision yesterday to keep Lucy & Buster in a pen. When she came in yesterday afternoon, she was walking like her feet were bothering her. Rather than take a chance on her foundering, we went ahead & penned them. Of course they think we have lost our minds. Donkeys are such creatures of habit, that any chance in their routine, really upsets them. We had no empty pens, so someone had to get thrown out of theirs. Chili & Gus drew the short straw. Once they figured out they couldn't get in their pen, they also thought we had lost our minds. There are mesquite beans everywhere, so this morning I decided to keep the 4 minis in. They have the same opinion of our mental state as the others. Tonight John said Buddy's neck seemed to be larger & harder than normal. Since he is insulin resistant already, he'll be staying in also. At this rate everyone but Max & the 2 mules are going to be in pens. They usually aren't as interested in the beans as the donkeys. But Rusty the mule, has been spending quite a bit of time with his head up in the trees, pulling down beans, so I'll watch him pretty close, at least his poo. When the amount of beans outweighs the amount of hay in poo, it's time for them to go in a pen.

This afternoon we went to visit with Belle & Shiloh. When Belle came to stay with us she had an open wound on her face caused by habronema larvae. I got it cleared up that year, & last year she didn't have one sore. But it seems this year she has regressed & has sores on both sides of her face. I gave her folks a few ideas to try, but it seems once they develop the problem it's almost impossible to get it healed until cool weather, which kills off the majority of the larvae carrying flies.

Hopefully some of them will get their feet trimmed tomorrow. All of this wet weather is making their feet grow fast & in weird directions, especially the ones that have been foundered, Lucy's look especially bad.

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