Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BENNIE THE LOVER..................!!!

Thanks Susan for the use of the picture...!!!

That's what he is, a lover boy. Bennie & Nina went to a wonderful home last year. Bennie was always the 1st to greet people when tours came out to visit the donkeys. He never met a person he didn't like, & he especially loves children. As you can tell from this picture Susan took, he is soaking up the attention like a sponge. Nina is in the background, she was always a little shy, but it looks like she was hanging in there for some of the attention also. I wish all donkeys could have a home like these two have, thanks to Tom & Susan.

Michael one of our neighbor's has been helping us with morning chores, since John, the Uncoordinated broke his arm. Michael's getting ready to leave in a couple of days for awhile. We're certainly going to miss his help. This morning a couple of other friends came by to help. I couldn't believe how quickly we got chores done, including picking up poo. We were done before 9AM......which may be a record..........!!!!!! (G) Thanks Amy & Brian..............!!!!

Another friend stopped by to visit & was amazed at how well Jenny is walking now. He remembers when she could hardly move, & had her hind legs tucked under her to keep as much weight off her front feet as possible. She steps out lively now, in fact John & TJ were standing talking, & Jenny thought John should be dispensing a treat of some kind, so she butted him. He is a little cautious about the broken arm & started yelling for me to come get her. She's big enough she probably could damage his arm if she butted hard enough. She's butted me a couple of times usually up against a corral panel, which isn't fun.........!!! She hasn't had any pain meds in months & we are hoping when her feet grow out again, that she will have good strong feet. They look so much better than they did, at least on the outside. I can only assume the inside is reaching a level of comfort. Sometime when the vet is out here or when we're taking someone up to Gilbert, we'll make the effort to get more x-rays of her feet, to see what changes there are, since last July. I don't know if she would ever be "useable", but our main objective was to get her comfortable, & she is that. She also has a boyfriend, she seems to like Chili & he is usually wherever she is. They aren't bonded like Lucy & Buster, but they do hang out together.


Something worth thinking about..............!!!!


PaintedPromise said...

wow Bennie looks so much like our Gus! they could be twins... can't see Nina very well, is she chocolate? if so they are another pair like Gus and Ruthie lol

Tish said...

Yes Nina is chocolate & very sweet. Bennie is sweet in a bad boy type of way........!!! (G) I thought you changed your Gus' name.