Friday, July 25, 2008

As of today 11 of the donkeys are in pens, until the mesquite beans are gone. We have 2 groups of 6 pens that are connected by gates. If all the gates are open it makes a large area for them to roam around & "feel sorry for themselves". They seem to think if they pester us we'll let them out. This morning when we were cleaning pens, all of them were trying all their little tricks, which really made raking pens almost impossible. At one time they were all in the "Fat Farm" with us & 2 of them were rolling in the dirt. Needless to say, it was pretty crowded.

Courtney came late this afternoon & trimmed 5 of them. Jenny was such a well mannered young lady, she even picked her feet up for Courtney, which is a first. And she stood still while Courtney worked. Courtney thought her feet really looked good, considering what they looked like about 15 months ago. Chester didn't try to kick her head off this time, which was good. He didn't want to stand still, but he has been worse.

So far the boards have stymied the mice, we'll see if it lasts.


Laura Lee said...

Dear Tish,
I know that this is an unrelated subject, but out of curiosity (and the $$$ it costs)do you have a home-made recipe to treat fly and mosquito bites???
Or to prevent them?

The One of Many Questions,

Tish said...

Not really. Although right now the mosquitos are starting to show up. Three of them bit me tonight at dusk. They don't seem to bother the donkeys, but I see welts on Max the horse, poor guy. Since donkeys have hide like cows, instead of skin like horses, they might not be quite as "tasty" to mosquitos.

Usually if flies are going to be a problem for donkeys, they will end up with sores on their legs,or on their ears if the flies are really bad. An old time remedy is to slather their legs with lard. I would imagine anything sticky would work, because flies will not land on sticky stuff. I haven't had them that bad............yet..!!!