Saturday, July 19, 2008


This morning I had a little boy mouse in my live trap. They sure are energetic little critters, they bounce all over the inside of the trap, when they see me. I carried him across the wash over by the chicken pen & deposited him in the same brush pile as the one yesterday. Who knows, they might be a pair. I'll keep setting the trap every night, until I quit catching mice, I guess. Might be a never ending project...............!!! (G)

Terry came out this morning to help with chores & groomed on Gus & BlackJack. Gus is actually shedding a lot, but his hair is so fine it mats real bad when he sweats. So we do a lot of the grooming with a pair of scissors. Gus was a real good boy, he let her pick up feet, & lean on him. I think he would have let her do just about anything, as long as she kept grooming.

It's a good thing Courtney is coming out next week to trim feet I guess. Yesterday Jenny started walking on egg shells. Her feet are cool & I don't see anything out of the ordinary, so I assume her feet are getting too long to be comfortable. Gus' feet are flaring & breaking off, we'll see if they need trimming when Courtney is here, or if he can self trim. She'll be able to tell by looking at him. Even Rusty the mule's feet look rough. His feet usually look just about perfect without any effort on our part.

This is REALLY not about donkeys..........but I'm sure the donkeys are glad John broke his arm a couple of weeks ago. Usually on race nights they have to stay in their pens all day because I have to feed by myself earlier than they are use to. It is such a chore to round them up, that I finally made the decision they would stay in during the day on race day, so I could get them fed & make it to the races on time. They yell & scream all day long, although they love getting fed early.

But now that John isn't able to drive for awhile, he won't have to leave so early in the afternoon, so they got to go out today. We'll see how it goes. If they don't cooperate, they'll be back to staying in.

We race on a 3/8's mile dirt track in Tucson, USA Raceway Park . The #222 is our son's car. It's painted like John's first race car was painted 39 years ago in Fairbanks, Alaska!!!!! The retro paint job is only for this year, next year Rod will have his own paint job for the first time. We've ran the orange/white paint job since 1970, so John will keep that paint scheme as long as he can crawl in a car, I guess. He's probably done for this year, because of the arm. So our grandson, JR, is running the 21x.
Races were cancelled tonight because they were expecting rain. Don't know if it rained at the track, but we sure got plenty, right at feeding time of course. John got caught in the Fat Farm, taking off fly masks & filling water buckets. I got caught in the small barn, putting the golf cart to bed for the night.

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