Friday, July 11, 2008

RAIN, RAIN, & MORE RAIN.............!!

We need the rain............BUT...... why does it have to rain at chore time? Doesn't matter, morning or afternoon, the clouds seem to choose those times to do their thing.............!!!! One thing the rain shows is, the low spots in the pens. Not that Tula would go in her shelter anyway, but right now it is flooded. So is Jenny's. John plans on hauling gravel with the tractor tomorrow to fill in the low spots. He went to the surgeon today for his post op check-up. The doctor told him to do whatever the arm would take, up to lifting 3 pounds. The tractor has power steering, so he should be able to sit on it & work the levers effectively.

It is funny to watch the donkeys try to walk around without stepping in water, when it's this wet. They will do almost anything to not touch puddles. When I put Rusty the "Cadillac" mule in his pen this afternoon, there is a large puddle at the gate. I figured his momma's "horse" sense would make the puddle, no big deal. He managed to miss the puddle with all 4 feet by really stretching his stride, turned around & gave me a dirty look, like it was my fault.

I started Chester on antibiotics 3 days ago, & he's already walking on his bad leg, although still limping badly. I can only assume there is infection even though it didn't show up in the last x-rays. We have a neighbor that had a horse fall on him about 8 years ago, & ran the saddle horn thru his abdomen. He has been on antibiotics of one kind or another ever since because of the infection that they have never been able to get rid of. I guess if he can stay on antibiotics long term, so can Chester. Dr. Taylor answered my e-mail about the July Equus article. He doesn't think Chester's bony growth is large enough to cause his problem, so we won't pursue more surgery, at least for now.


the7msn said...

Tish, how you manage to write upbeat posts in the face of John breaking his arm, your internet service going down, heat, rain, flooded shelters and lame donkeys is just amazing. I don't know how you do it.

The picture of the donkeys waiting for the light to change is absolutely hysterical. Wherever did you find it?

Tish said...

You mean this isn't a normal life..........???? Besides I've had lots of fun teasing John over this whole mess. He just came in from putting gravel in the low spots with the tractor, & didn't fall off the tractor, so it's a good day......!!! (G)

Someone on the Yahoo Donkey Group posted the picture of the donkeys & I just had to share.

How's your gang doing?

the7msn said...

Normal is such a relative term, isn't it? I'm guessing your positive outlook on life is simply a testament that you love what you're doing, no matter how many obstacles get thrown in your path.

My gang is doing just great - just came in from giving George and Alan their weekly comb out - just wish they'd lose their shaggy coats!

Tish said...

Well, we're never bored that's for sure................!!!!! (G)

I worked on Gus yesterday for quite awhile, used the scissors about as much as anything else. He has fine hair & it mats real bad. He loves to be groomed, & I think would stand & let you comb him until there was no hair left. I have hopes that he will shed out completely before they all start putting on their winter coats. Donkeys don't seem to shed out for very long. And some never do shed out, BlackJack & Cisco lose very little hair in the summer.