Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'M BACK..........!!!!!!

Don't know if anyone missed me or not, BUT............ I have been without internet since I wrote the last blog message. Hughes didn't seem interested in fixing the problem anytime soon, next Monday was the earliest I could get a technician out here. The Wild Blue tech just left after hooking me up with their service.

Since I've been gone, John fell off a ladder while trying to get on the roof to see if there was something wrong with the cables. Compound fractured his arm, (left one thank goodness) hauled him to our little hospital, & they sent him into Tucson for surgery the next morning. He's home & actually able to help with chores, filling water buckets & doing fly masks. One of the neighbor's has been helping with morning chores also, so that helps. We've actually got the routine down pretty good, so we get done before it's time to start again..........!!! (G)

All the critters seem to be doing good, although I have had to put Chester back on antibiotics again. He's 3 legged lame & hopefully if it is infection the antibiotics will do their job. This time I won't quit giving them for a LONG time, although last time I gave them for over 6 months, & only quit after x-rays & the vet saying let's see how he does without the antibiotics.

Pepsi hasn't really found a permanent running buddy yet, although one day he'll be with one bunch & next day with someone else. I thought he was going to run with Justin, but he seems to prefer Chili. Speaking of Chili he whacked his nose pretty good, looks like he came up under something & cut across it. It's been swollen for a couple of days. He loves sympathy, & will let me do anything to it..............unless I have medicine to put on it........!!! Then he gives me a dirty look & "dares" me to try to put that "stuff" on him..............!!!!

I'll keep this short, needless to say I have a lot of addresses to change. My new e-mail address is:

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