Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Katie came out today to trim the ones that have problem feet. Actually everyone was in pretty good shape, just a little touch up here & there. Lucy's feet have been a work in progress for almost 3 years, & the last couple of times she's been trimmed, she hasn't had to have extra hoof material removed. It will probably take about another year, but she should end up with normal looking feet. Pepper's feet are finally self trimming, after a couple of years of trimming every 5 weeks. I told Katie she is working herself out of a job. (G)

Nina's feet are going to need touch ups for awhile. They actually looked better than the 1st time Katie trimmed her 6 weeks ago. Hopefully running around on rocks & gravel, will get the frog to working, rather than just taking up space on the bottom of her foot. She's never been lame, so I guess the frogs don't bother her as much as they look like they should. Nina & Benny have been offered a wonderful home in Arrivaca & will probably be leaving the sanctuary in a few weeks.

We also had some visitors this afternoon. Brian & Amy live north of us, & brought his parents, who are visiting for the holidays. Brian & Amy have been here quite often, this is the 2nd time for his parents. As usual, BlackJack was the official greeter. Unfortunately Amy left the carrots she had promised him at home.

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