Wednesday, December 06, 2006


They are sooooo cute! They are all "donkey grey" complete with dorsal stripes. Justin & Cheyenne have white noses like most donkeys have. Lynn has a brown nose, with no white at all. She is the first one we've had that has no white points. They are very friendly & have pretty little faces, & chubby little bodies, which is why they are out here for awhile. Right now they will stay in a pen for a few days till they get use to being in a different place. Bennie has already tried to play with Justin thru the fence, so they will probably play together & become buddies. I'll try to get some pictures of them tomorrow.

Belle has been in a pen since the dogs chased her. The woman that brought the donkeys is very knowledgeable & suggested letting her out of the pen. Her thoughts were, that as a flight animal, they're bodies are designed to keep moving even if they have problems with tendons or muscles in their legs. In the wilds if they can't move & keep up with the herd, they will become someone's lunch. We'll see how she is doing tomorrow after running around all night. Tula, Belle, & Nina decided not to come over from Burroland tonight for dinner. I'm sure Tula is the instigator of the rebellion. Obviously they aren't very hungry, but this is the first time they've refused to at least show up. We went over & checked to make sure they are OK, & they are just fine. In fact they came as far as the gate between the 10 acres the house is on & the 20 acres of Burroland, & scooted past the gate like it didn't exist, little stinkers..........!!!!!!!!

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