Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Twenty degrees this morning, I'm ready for winter to go someplace else. One thing about the desert, by 10am, the sun has been shining long enough for it to be pleasantly warm outside, & you can shed your "winter" togs. Some people in other parts of the country would be thrilled with a daytime temperature of 20 degrees, so I guess I should consider myself fortunate.

I wrap Snowy the mule's legs every night. She is very arthritic & I would like to think wrapping keeps her legs a little warmer. Right now I am also wrapping Belle's front legs. She is the one the neighbor's dogs chased. I'm no expert, but am pretty sure she has bowed tendons in both front legs. I'm giving her banamine one day & bute the next. I've been putting DMSO on her legs & then keeping them wrapped. She seems to do better with exercise, & since the treatment for bowed tendons is the passage of time, we'll keep doing what we're doing, although I will probably stop the bute & banamine this week if she continues to improve.

The minis are doing great. Don't notice any weight loss yet, but they've only been here a few days. We let them out for a few hours yesterday afternoon for the first time. The first thing they did when they got out, was put their mouths down & started vacuuming tiny little mesquite leaves. Fortunately every inch of land has already been vacuumed by the big guys. Not only that they have also taken care of everything edible, up high enough, I don't think the little guys will find much to eat. Honcho tried to "exercise" them. Their little short legs put them at a disadvantage running in a straight line, but they also can change direction quicker. Finally Justin & Cheyenne had enough, started kicking him, & Cheyenne, even chased him out of "her" area. So he decided he had real important business to take care of, someplace else...........!!!!

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