Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tres Amigos

Here's the 3 little guys this morning, wondering why everyone else is out running around, & they are still in the pen. We'll give them a few days to learn the routine before turning them loose.

If you look close you can see, there is too much donkey in each skin. Cheyenne's crest is very hard & has started to fall over on one side. I would imagine she is insulin resistant, & Lynn also has all the classic symptoms of IR. We will be soaking their hay starting today. This removes a lot of the sugar & starch, which IR equines don't need, any more than a diabetic person needs candy. Once they get out of the pen, they will get lots of exercise, which should also help with their "diet".

This is the only picture I could get of Justin. He was bound & determined to get in my pocket. They are all very friendly & love to be petted, but it makes it difficult to take pictures.......!!!

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