Thursday, December 21, 2006


What a great start for winter, it was 14 degrees this morning.........!!!! We spent most of the morning, breaking ice & hauling hot water. We had to remove the heater from the big stock tank, yesterday. We noticed Nina trying to drink, but not touching the water. John used a volt meter, & found out there was a current flow from the water to the ground. It wasn't much, maybe a quarter of a volt, but I have read that equines can detect electricity, we can't. Took the heater out, & everyone started drinking. So this morning they had to contend with ice.

We also have a sick mule. Snowy hasn't eaten much today, nor has she drank any water. She isn't acting sick, but something is wrong. It was so cold last night I thought that might have something to do with her not wanting to eat or drink. But it warmed up this afternoon, & she still isn't interested in anything except chewing a little hay. It seems like animals have a built in clock, to know when it is a holiday, week-end or the dead of night. Local Vet is out of town, so we will probably have to haul her to Tucson in the morning.

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