Monday, December 25, 2006


If her polo wraps were green, she would look like a Christmas present............!!!!! We are waiting for a new blanket to come thru the mail. I called all over Tucson for a blanket & no one had a blanket small enough to fit her. In the meantime a friend suggested covering her with one of the lightweight soft fleecy blankets you can buy at Wal-Mart real cheap. I just happened to have one I snuggle in every night, to read or watch TV, so thought I'd try it. I was really surprised at how clingy it is. I position it on her back, & it sticks to her hair, so well, that it stays on all night. It's working just fine, hopefully we won't have anymore little rain showers, like we had the night before she seemed ill the next morning. Although she has a shelter, she was still wet when we went out that morning. The "real" blanket will be waterproof!

She seems much better since I've been covering her with the blanket. I had been wrapping her legs ever since it had been below freezing at night. But I guess she was losing too much body heat, & at her age it was just too hard on her.

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