Monday, December 11, 2006


This is a picture of Cheyenne's neck. As you can see her mane has fallen over to one side. When the "tres amigos" came a few days ago, her neck was so hard you could not indent it by squeezing as hard as you could. Lynn's crest was almost as hard, & she also has runny eyes, which usually means allergies.

We are soaking their hay to remove some of the sugar & starch. After one day of soaked hay Cheyenne's crest was already softening, which is a pretty good sign that she is insulin resistant.

Right now they are still in a pen, getting use to being in a new place. In a few days we will let them loose to run with the others, hopefully to work off some of the excess weight they are carrying.

Lynn is also getting a generic allergy capsule each day to help with her allergies. So far it's keeping her eyes dry.

Even if Cheyenne loses weight her crest will never stand up again unfortunately. Her neck will always lay to the side.

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