Saturday, December 16, 2006


Here are a couple more really good info areas on beet pulp. Unfortunately, most of our equines are overfed & under exercised, which makes for an unhealthy animal. Companies that manufacture animal feeds do a lot of advertising about how good their products are, how healthy they are, & have lots of different feeds designed for old, young, working, pregnant & anything in between .

In the case of donkeys, these animals evolved from a life in the desert, travelling 20-30 miles a day, to scrounge enough subsistance to keep them alive until tomorrow. Not even close to the "cushy" lifestyle of today for most donkeys. Alfalfa hay, sweet feed, & many of the pelleted feeds sold, are much too much feed for donkeys. Most donkeys do just fine on a diet of grass hay, bermuda is the grass hay of choice in Arizona, clean water & salt.

Beet pulp can be used as a carrier for minerals & supplements, if you feed them. It can also be used to put weight on or take weight off, depending on how it is fed. It has approximately the same food value as oats, but without as much starch & sugar content. The lower glycemic spike, makes beet pulp a wonderful food for Insulin Resistant equines.

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