Tuesday, May 01, 2018


I know Lynn and Linda are busy getting resettled, but Linda has been real good to share what they are doing with pictures and videos.

Pepsi had quite a few reasons for going to Colorado, one was so Justin would have someone his own size to hang around with.  Another was to keep Pepsi away from the mesquite beans this season, hopefully he will lose some weight this summer, rather than gain.  Another reason was so Lynn's Mom could hang out with the minis and not worry about getting knocked down.  

As far as I know, Pepsi has never walked thru a trellis before, with someone he doesn't know very well, to get to a porch.  These guys are so easy to work with, they pretty much go along with whatever is happening and trust us to take care of them.  

But I am surprised he's acting so shy.....LOL

Meeting the horses I would imagine for the first time, judging from the stillness of all the donkeys.  They looked like statues.

Might as well get a little exercise......!!!

Forrest and Pepsi, practicing their racing style.  Who knows, they may like it...!! LOL

As of yesterday everyone except BlackJack are wearing fly masks.  It's actually suppose to be cool this week, but I don't think the flies got the message.  

About 3 days ago, Tula came in 3 legged lame.  She isn't easy to work with, she obviously has been mistreated in her earlier life and sees no reason to trust people again.  We can work with her within her boundaries and poking and prodding a leg isn't within what she will accept.  John set up a corral panel in her pen, so we could squeeze her between it and the outer railing.  For all her distrust she has never kicked or even panicked when we have had to work with her.  But we have always put her in one of these "redneck" squeezes.  She didn't like it, but was just evasive, not dangerous.  She has some swelling at the hock, which to me has always looked like it would be a knee, but isn't according to the experts. They say it's an ankle, but it's half way up the leg.......!!  Makes me wonder what they call the fetlock, which is down by the hoof. 

 I would imagine she twisted it or even might have stepped in a hole over in Burroland.  There is no consensus on the best treatment, some people swear that they should be kept in a small area and not use it at all.  Others say as a flight animal, they do much better if allowed to move around.  Unless she gets worse, we will let her out with the herd.  She's already 3 legged lame when she 1st starts moving, but seems to get better as she moves around. 

The skin problems are starting to show up unfortunately.  I go around each morning with my meds and cover up sores on everyone, so the flies can't get to them.  John and Doug look everyone over when they put  them in the pens for breakfast and tell me if they see any new wounds. 


Steph Schmidt said...

I don't think those donkeys moved a muscle when that horse came flying over! Thanks for sharing.

Tish said...

It's fun to watch the dynamics between the species. Horses are usually more surprised when they see donkeys than the other way around. Horses will absolutely freak when they see a long ear. We took 2 jennies to be companions with an Arab mare years ago, and she almost jumped out of the fenced area, blowing and snorting like a freight train. Within days she didn't want them out of her sight.