Sunday, May 13, 2018


John went into Coquette's pen to move her bunk and lookie what he found.  Pretty little girl, recently shed her skin, because she was bright and shiny.  John got the catcher and took her for a ride.  She never did rattle or act aggressive at all.  

Same day, I was moving Tula's bunk out of her shelter and there was a grouchy one under her bunk.  He wasn't very interested in cross species relationships and let me know it.  He wasn't very pretty either, probably hasn't shed out, maybe that's why he was so cranky.  John brought his catching stick and container and off they went down the road. 

John has found an area that has lots of ground squirrel holes, away from people to take them.  Of course taking all of them to the same place probably isn't a real good idea.  LOL  

We already seen more rattlesnakes this year than in the last couple of years for some reason.  Of course we haven't seen any mice or rats....!!!  

This is Coquette getting her annual haircut.  She probably has some French Poitou relatives in her background, and has the long, fine hair that mats and clings close to the skin.  If she doesn't get clipped she sweats and ends up with sores on her body.  Another one with a poor immune system, I would imagine.

I started clipping her, and ran out of energy, so John finished her.  My clippers are really big and heavy, and effective..........BUT.......... they wear me out.  I might add, she does not appreciate being clipped, so she wiggles and squirms and insisted in standing in the sun, although I set her up in the shade of the feed room porch.  

I just got a call from a woman looking for a donkey to protect their goats, I think she said.  They had coyotes come in and wipe out half their herd, which is so sad.  She wanted to know if a mini donkey would be good protection.  Two coyotes can kill a mini and more than two can destroy a standard that is old or crippled.  Had that situation happen not too long ago, with an older donkey that we had agreed to take in, he was so damaged he had to be euthanized, poor old guy.  

Unfortunately all my info I gave her was negative, minis can't be guards, not all standards are good guards, etc, etc.  After I hung up without being able to help her, John said maybe I should have mentioned guardian dogs.  He has such good ideas sometimes, just a little late this time.......!!!  I'm going to keep that idea in my memory bank for the future, when someone calls.  I don't really like the idea of donkeys being used as guardians, although many of them bond with their herd, it's usually a life without another donkey.  The guardian dogs have been used for centuries, in fact when I was a kid there was cartoons about 2 guardians dogs protecting a herd of sheep from a wolf.  I think one was named Ralph, they greeted each other as they changed shifts.  Of course the dogs always won against the wolf.  Like the coyote always lost to the roadrunner......!!!

FINALLY.........the Burroland sign as been moved to it's final resting place.  Looks good..!!

Haven't heard from the Colorado Donkey Satellite for a few days.  I think the big 24 hour marathon people race was this week-end.  So Lynn and Linda are probably either running or recuperating, either of which would take priority over computing........!!!  LOL

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