Thursday, May 03, 2018


If I was taking bets, I'd bet the Arizona donkeys that went to Colorado have never seen snow before.  They all seem to be trying to figure out what the heck is going on.  Linda didn't say if it stayed on the ground for any length of time.  If it just falls and melts they won't get a chance to investigate and try to figure out what it is.  And maybe find out it can be fun to play with. 

I told Linda poor Quilla looks like a wet rat....!!!  LOL

John, that came down here last year to visit for a few days, got out to visit with the donkeys yesterday.  

They've got begging down to a fine art...!!

I hope John was "fair and equal" with his banana peels. Turbo has a definite advantage over "height challenged" little Justin....!!

More banana peels, please...!!

Linda said Justin and Loki Joe have buddied up, not sure where that leaves Pepsi, he and Justin hung around together in Arizona.

Lynn wants to race Loki and Linda wants to see how Justin will do as a burro pack racer.  They might be pretty good at it, they both seemed to enjoy practicing down here.  

Linda shared a video taken during a burro race last year that was really funny.  The guy had a go-pro to record the race.  It seems that his donkey Earl had not really planned on racing that day, in fact I don't think he ever trotted one step.  He ate some grass and wandered around at the end of the rope for over 10 hours as the guy tried to encourage him to pick up the pace, so they could finish before dark.  It was hilarious to watch the guy accept the reality of the situation and lived to race another day.  Thanks Linda, it was fun to watch in a painful sort of way....!!!   LOL

Tula is doing a little better today.  I quit giving her bute and she's on Equioxx for inflammation and Gabapentin for nerve pain.  Still looks swollen, but she's more inclined to put weight on it, so hopefully she will continue to improve.

We had an unexpected tour yesterday, which was interesting.  One of the women was totally blind, so I took her around in the golf cart.  We would stop and the donkeys would come to the cart and seemed to understand.  In fact Jasper that has only been here a few weeks, put his head across me to put his head closer to her, so she could pet him.  Donkeys seem to have an intuition about physical and mental differences, we've noticed over the years which is one reason many organizations use donkeys in their programs.  

We have a problem with Roxy the neighbor's dog that has adopted us.  I guess she gets bored at night, so she jumps up in the shelters and pulls the fly masks off the hooks.  GRRRRRR.....!!!  This is not acceptable for a lot of reasons and has never been a problem before with any of the other dogs.  Not sure how to keep her from doing it, unless we take the masks out of the shelters, which removes the convenience factor for putting them back on in the morning......!!!  SIGH.....!!!  One reason we're never bored, I guess.........!!!  LOL 


Delrene said...

Wow. Snow!

Steph Schmidt said...

Quilla definitely looks unhappy 🤣

Tish said...

Quilla has the most expressive ears on any of the donkeys. He uses his ears to communicate with us. I would say from the set of his ears, snow was NOT in his plan for the day...........LOL